AFS Year Program

For more than 90 years in the world and 55 years in Indonesia, AFS Program has offered young people exciting and dynamic learning opportunities through intercultural programs. At its core are programs that include physical exchanges, service learning, and volunteerism that directly impact youth engagement and create opportunities that build long-lasting understanding and respect for differences.

This program gives students abroad to live in the Indonesian host families for more than 10 months. Besides studying in Indonesian high schools, they are expected to learn about Indonesian culture, customs and socialize with Indonesian community.

AFS Program gives you opportunities to develop yourself to become young ambassadors of your country by having a worthwhile exchanges experience in Indonesia, where you would learn about yourselves, learning how we perceive others who are especially different from us, learn how to build a good relationship, positive communication and ability to work together in fostering respect, empathy and understanding towards others.

You will experience living with Indonesian host family and attend school in Indonesia. Of course, you will definitely experience a totally new way of life, new culture, lifestyle and family values, new language and finally gain intercultural skills.

To make the most of your experience, create good relationship with your host family, get involved in the many curricular and extracurricular activities available at your local school and local community.

# Participants are over 15 to 18 years old

Community Service

If in regular AFS program, students is placed in hosting schools, in Community Service Program, volunteer participants will be placed and involve in the local Community Project Organization (CPO). Weltwarts young volunteers will stay in host family and can learn leaderships by helping Indonesia local community project organization (CPO) to face the challenges and problems in our society. We hope both the volunteer and the CPO can learn intercultural experiences as well as develop the global awareness, sensitivity and personal development.

CPO or project organization in Indonesia who are interested in hosting Community Service volunteer, are invited to make a registration at our Bina Antarbudaya Chapters, explaining about your organization, projects and requesting the need of volunteer to do your project.